In the fast growing online retail sector, PacketPort can add comfort and support to online sellers looking to send goods to their customers. We provide an e-parcel service that can take you every step of the way, from stock pick and pack solutions, to trackable priority delivery and a returns management system. We can provide a hassle-free experience. All you need to do is make the sale.

Who delivers my Parcel?

PacketPort is a hybrid parcel delivery service, often using a combination of express export methods a local Post Office delivery in the recipient’s country. Therefore there is very little restriction within the delivering country as the domestic Post Office Operator and network is proven to be reliable and robust in all countries where PacketPort operates.

How fast are the Delivery Times?

PacketPort Europe (excluding UK): 2 to 6 Working Days (depending on destination)
PacketPort UK: 24 – 48 Hours
PacketPort Express: Please refer to the Zone Matrix and Transit Times tab of your PacketPort rate card.

Shipping is cutting CO2 emissions

For anybody who is concerned that further growth in international trade and shipping will result in more pollution and more global warming, there is now evidence that this risk is being tackled and actually reduced.


DES opens mail and parcel processing facility at London Heathrow Airport

Mail distribution specialist Direct Entry Solutions (DES), owner of parcel delivery provider PacketPort, opened its new international mail and parcels facility near London Heathrow Airport on September 17, 2015.